Perfect Health Diet – Paul Jaminet PhD – The importance of intermittent fasting & high fat content


Paul Jaminet PhD, explains the science behind intermittent fasting for health and longevity, and the importance of high percentages of fats in the diet.
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  1. Very interesting. So you don't recommend fasting any more than 16 hours every day?
    I was thinking you were going to say fast every Monday or something. I know I could do this.

  2. Fascinating! I can get away eating half cup of rice and still be in ketosis provided I take MCT Oil or coconut oil or coconut milk? Fascinating indeed. Have to re-listen to make sure I did not get it wrong!

  3. "We decided diet is clearly important for health." This coming from a highly educated person (two highly educate people, including his wife). How is it that they had to come to that conclusion? What is going on? Is the power of industry that omnipotent? They are not teaching people what really needs to be known. There is a form of mind control going on in the medical establishment and from the processed food industries. It allows for really smart people to act really stupid.

  4. I intermittent fast with the exact same hours – after doing it for 3 years I wouldn't go back. I had such severe bloating and my son told me to look into IF – I said "no way." Because I was desperate I took his advice – it took 3 mo. to get the bloating down (due to the gallbladder/liver). I feel so much better.

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