Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Taters Gone Wild, these BBQ Pit Boys stuffed Baked Potato Bombs are kick-ass good eatin’ at any Pit, family picnic or tailgating party. So crank up the music, put your BBQ Shoes on, pop open a beer, and grab some spuds because Taters don’t get any better than this…! Print the recipe: http://bbqpitboys.com/recipes/potato-bombs


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  1. Nice Job! Subscribed since I like what you did with the pheasant too. Just got a mess of 'em in Alberta and was looking for new ways to cook 'em up 🙂 Keep up the good work! Instead of a apple core tool I'm gonna try my Makita and a 3/4 wood bit. I'll let you know how that turns out.

  2. I took your recipe to another level . after coring it, I used a melon baller and hollowed it out and was able to load much more ham and swiss cheese in it. Cooked for 1 hour at 400 degrees.

  3. Leave it to you guys to do a baked  stuffed potato without the work of a work of a twice baked potato.
    The fact that custom spuds is a very cool idea. I'm pitching the idea to my friends.

  4. The 2 worst parts: Using a pee bucket to wash them potatoes and drinking a Guiness beer (facts: Guiness beer sent in North America is the ''bad'' brew). You'll notice the difference if ever you go drink some at the factory! Oh yeah!

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