Red Beans and Rice – Creole-Style Spicy Red Beans & Rice Recipe


Learn how to make a Red Beans and Rice Recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Creole-Style Red Beans and Rice recipe!


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  1. ooh. I may want to go with grabbing a salt-cured hock and whatever sausages I can find around here for a Sunday meal. Especially fishing up the hock in the end and keep most of it for other dishes, and just adding flavour while boiling it

  2. i have been in New Orleans many times and some places put the rice first and some on top i love it either way with lots of Louisiana hot sauce or Crystal…great job chef it looks and i bet it tastes awesome!

  3. Only thing missing from this was the corn bread!!! If u from Da Boot u kno we eat our red beans with cornbread crumbled on top. Only way to eat it. Been that way since free lunch

  4. Hey, Chef John, couple of questions: first, if one has access to a nice meaty ham bone, how large of one should they use? (Or does it matter? XD)

    Secondly, can this be done in a crock pot? Just kinda dump everything in and let 'er go all day on low and come home to deliciousness and just have to cook up some rice?

  5. I've been looking for this recipe for a bit now (you came through for me yet again).

    This is one of my cheat day favorites. Even better than I expected it to be (& a great winter & cold weather dish).

    I throughly enjoy this channel btw, tons of great recipes.

  6. I'm with you Chef. I let my beans simmer for at least 6-8 hrs. There's a point at which the aroma changes from that funky boiling bean smell to something wonderful, and the beans are breaking up and pretty much make their own gravy.

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