Roast Tenderloin of Beef – New Year’s Eve Special Roast


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  1. When somebody thought the red juices are blood and asked in wonder if it is blood the replies they got are so both defensive and offensive- "Get the fuck out of YouTube" "you moron" "if don't know beef can be eaten raw" and so on defensively. Why they are so defensive for MrJohn and who the hell did they think they are I don't know. If it is what you called fucking RARE or juice are a mild form of blood you never know because you can't fucking lick your screen and just tell blindly. People youtubed and have the right to wonder. Just because it's John's cooking(no offence) it doesn't mean it will be bloody tasty. I have to tell all of you Morons that who says those are not blood in any form should suck your own ass whether you are a French chef or whatever creature you are. People around the world cooked and know what meat is like. Just because you are sympathetic it doesn't mean everything you saw on a screen is not what people think it is.

  2. Happy New Year Chef John! It was a memorable one with your recipe. I don't follow recipes well but managed with yours and substituted porcini with shiitake and oyster mushrooms. It came out nice and bloody!

  3. Just did this yesterday. Was amazing. Totally worth the stress and fear of an expensive cut of meat.

    I added a variety of peppercorns to the sauce and used white wine and apple cider vinegar which seemed to work out well.

  4. Suggestion: You keep saying, "I'm gonna…"
    "I'm gonna…"
    "I'm gonna…"
    "I'm gonna…"
    Varied with the occasional "You're gonna…"

    Simple sentences are much more powerful and effective. "Add a pat of cold butter." (Instead of, "I'm gonna add a pat of cold butter."

    Less verbiage, much clearer and more effective communication.

    Did you cover the pan?

  5. I told my mom about the success with the beef roast and she tried it on a pork tenderloin and holy moly!!! That was the best bit of pork I have ever had!!!
    She cooked it to 145F and it came out perfect!!!
    Juicy, tender, and so full of flavor, despite forgetting to season it!!!
    Dude, you rock!!!

  6. Thanks Chef John!!!
    I made this the other day using an eye of round roast and I was shocked at how tender the meat was, and still is two days later – it was a big roast…
    I have never been let down by any of your recipes!!!
    Thank you!!!

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