Savory Salad Dressing Recipe Using Only Fruits and Vegetables


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In this video I created a healthy and savory raw vegan salad dressing (or pasta sauce) recipe using fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


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  1. Oh and thank you for the recipe! I'm trying to cut back on nuts and seeds since Tarah (40 below fruity) did a video that said refraining helped her skin glow more (I am on tahini dressing overload over here). I need to try this.

  2. Smells good! LOL. Wish we were neighbors. I wanted to see your big bowl of greens too. How do you store your herbs? I just started buying them and am not sure how to store or use them (together) just yet. Work in progress.

  3. I like this recipe, Most recipes people make for salads aren't for me, but this one is something I'm def going to try. I like the use of the herbs and sun-dried tomatoes in this. Thanks )

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