Scallops on the grill by the BBQ Pit Boys


Sea Scallops are smoked on the grill with a garlic lemon butter sauce. And it’s a quick and easy to do seafood recipe for a side-dish or main meal. If you love Scallops, ya gotta check this out..!


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  1. Glad to see your take on tripolyphosphate (E451/STPP) isn't all misconstrued like most preservatives typically are. It isn't gonna kill you and may make the seafood taste marginally different (saltier), but it's not poisonous or life threatening in any way. Great recipe and keep up the good work, fellas.

  2. Sea scallops are always good even without any of spices – just fryed on the pan with butter. They are sweet and delicate flavoured. There is one problem with the scallops – price 🙂
    Anyway, great recipe! Thumbs up!

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