Seafood pot pie!!!!



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  1. Hey Montana I made this last night it was great and so easy! I used lobster clam chwder the veggies clam juice and talapia fish. baked the seasoned fish and sauted the veggies and lobster and put in chowder seasoned and baked. I can use this for any other pot pies Thanks!

  2. Im going to have to try this out some day instead of using shrimp,lobster and clam, Im going to use chicken gizzards, beef liver, and frog legs

  3. lol when your microwave went off i looked around to check mine and had to rem i was watching your vid. omg that looked so yummy! like can i be adopted in to the family just for the food? LOL! quick question could i use chicken? and how long would i let it cook or should i cook the chicken a bit first? THANK YOU!!!

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