Should I mix fruits and vegetables when Juicing? Differences between fresh and bottled Juices.


John from answers the question if you should mix fruits and vegetables when juicing. He also talks about the differences between fresh and bottled juices.


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  1. where can I get best organic seeds, to grow my own kale spinach chard and rest of the greens, been looking all over, and all I find is hybrids, don't even know what that means 🙁

  2. the montel healthmaster is a high-powered blender. Based on my experience you may start to have problems with the bearings in the blender carafe. That has been the weak link in that machine from what I have seen.

  3. Thanks for all the videos. I'm new to juicing and just picked up the VRT 330 from your online store. I was wondering if the juicer comes with any recipes?


  4. I was reading a article on orange juice and how it is pasteurized. Amazing the processing destroys all nutritive properties and flavor. When it is ready to be bottled the add orange oils,natural flavoring and colors to it.
    Also mentioned in the article that most of the juice is stored for up to a year before shipping.
    Can't hold that to truth since that was only one persons opinion written in a article.

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