Simple Tomato Curry Making – Indian Recipes


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Ingredients for Tomato Curry:

1)Sufficient oil
2)Sufficient salt
3)Sufficient Coriander leaves
4)One onion
5)One spoon of ginger garlic paste
6)3 Green chili
7)One TSP of Turmeric Powder
8)Two Spoons of Red chili Powder
9)Two Cups of Tomatoes
10)Sufficient Mustard and Cumin Seeds

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  1. All d people understands d language in diz video.. Its enough to jst understand wht he speaks.. Dsnt depends on d language is perfect or not.. We all need a gud recipe nd here it is.. So we cant make fun of hez language.. (Y)

  2. people here are in for his language rather than the curry…you guys are dumb as hell…and yeah to the man in the video…well try not to use too many "try to" next time cuz its annoying

  3. Don't cut chillies like he showed. Rather cut it vertically into two and then in turn half. It gives the curry good look and taste. Add some Aachi (spicy) or MTR Garam Masala powder along with coriander powder and use Kashmir Chilli powder for excellent colour after the tomatoes are cooked. Slightly press the tomatoes with spatula. Add little water while cooking tomato.

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