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Don’t miss this hot and cheesy (and oh so easy!) Slow Cooker Lasagna that I whipped up for my large family. Make your cheese mix, meat sauce mix, grab some lasagna noodles, then just cook on low for 4-6 hours. Your family will enjoy this bubbly dish with side items of your choice. Here’s a free print out of the full recipe


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  1. aww I think i heard you say "that can be our Montessori for the day" do you implement that into your homeschooling often? If so do you have any resources you could direct me to for my children at my development center?

  2. have you tried spinach before in your lasagna before? my family puts it over the cheese mixture and then adds the sauce over it when we make it. It shrivels down when it cooks but its so delicious and you can't even tell your eating it. Plus it gives good protein. just and option love your videos i watch them every night.

  3. You can get a large nesco roaster oven to use as a huge slow cooker. they are amazing. i have been using them for years. made many a huge pot of soups, stews, beans as well as amazingly moist, tender turkeys, roast chickens and pot roasts. very versatile kitchen appliance.

  4. Just found your channel and this is the 2nd video I have seen, but I just have to say you are wonderful with your daughter. It would have been so easy to have a shorter fuse with her but you were so patient despite filming and trying to make dinner. Lovely to see!

  5. I tried this with oven-ready noodles…the sauce with all the cheeses tasted WONDERFUL – but- unfortunately in my experience the noodles disintigrated to almost nothing. 🙁 I cooked it on low about 4-5 hours. Next time I may try the regular noodles, or simply bake in the oven.

  6. watching this video again cuz I just think Ameila is so cute and doing a good job in her cooking skills. Why is Zion doing dishes, don't you have a dish washer in your new home.

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