Smoked Masala Lady Fish Fry – Healthy fish fry – EASY Fish recipes Indian style


10 MINUTE RECIPE – This super easy super healthy lady fish recipe is what I’ve got for you today. In my latest video on bodybuilding on a budget for India, I spoke about using CHEAP FISH as a protein source in trying to put on lean muscle mass. That’s exactly what we’re gonna cook up using a HEALTHY INDIAN RECIPE for FAT LOSS and MUSCLE GAIN.I give you – HEALTHY FRIED FISH
We’re making Smoked Masala Lady Fish fry for which we need
1)Lady Fish
2)Red Chilly powder
5)Garam Masala
8)Coconut oil

This healthy AND EASY fish fry is one of the best and healthiest indian recipes out there. Nothing gets better than an Indian fried fish recipe for dinner


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    *konsa suplimant loo?

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