Some of my 30 Day RAW Fruits and Vegetables Detox meals


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  1. I have been overweight since I was a kid and I ALWAYS thought about/wanted to lose weight so bad. Not just for looks but also so I can have more energy, be a much happier person, not feel so insecure, and to do it for myself as well as my family. I don't want to feel beautiful when I walk into a room full of people. I started my raw diet two days ago…and I know I am only two days in, but so far I feel great, and I feel like this is something I can stick with. I've never even gone this long on a diet before believe it or not! I feel determined, that going raw just makes sense to me. Getting rid of all the processed junk, and dead animal meat, and eating FRESH fruits (which I have always loved, just didn't eat enough of) and vegetables. Even two days later, I feel clean, and like I said, determined. 5 pounds down on the scale already but not sure if its actually off or my weight is just fluctuating but still – I LIKE what I see! 🙂  Wish me luck! Hell, I might even post a video in a couple of months with my progress! Thanks for this video, you inspired me even more!

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  6. According to the daily guideline a woman's calorie intake should be about 2000 but this is just a guideline. It depends on what results you want. Are you looking to lose fat and build muscle etc? To start off raw I'd suggest that you start off small with fruits and veg that you love and then start adding new things. Juicing is also great but please consult your physician before venturing on this path. Also ensure that you're consuming the right amount of calories daily! Hope this helps.

  7. Hello I am not a qualified dietitian or anything of that sort. But from what I've gathered it's safe for me to say you will need some 'good carbs' to fuel your body and give you energy. Currently I am not raw but I've done it for 14 days and the results were amazing.The way you feel (high energy boost) the way you look (nice, clear glowing skin) shows that the food you're eating is allowing your body to heal from the insides which is then visible on the outside.Do you want to go raw completely?

  8. hey…great food options and five eleven 175lb chick athletic but really wanna eat better/ much should i eat to start the raw food transition jahcia?

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