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Old Fashioned Southern Caramel Cake. I love it the taste of this cake. It’s a holiday favorite in many southern and soul food households. It’s a fluffy moist yellow cake covered in a rich caramel frosting. Get the recipe here ‎

Thank you for watching my video. I hope it was useful, and I hope that you will give this recipe a try. Some recipes maybe high in fat, sugar, and salt, so please eat in moderation!


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  1. Ok, I am trying this recipe this weekend and I went to the website also and for the frosting it says 1-1 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar. How much did you use in your frosting? Just trying to get an idea of how much to use. Thanks!

  2. PS I just figured out an easier way for us to have delicious, homemade southern caramel cake … come over and try yours! LOL! Just kidding, but seriously, girl, that looks divine!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you … never would have thought to add rum extract or buttermilk! Doing thumbs up now! Yay!
    That said, do you know the trick with making your own buttermilk? Just add one cup milk and 1 tablespoon vinegar. There are other ways, too, but this is my go-to.
    My husband is hooooked on southern caramel cake but hasn't had any in several years. (We stupidly moved away.) So glad to have found you!

  4. Hi, my daughters and I did this cake, didn't look as pretty as your but the icing & cake came out Wonderful! I am enjoying your page & easy to follow!

  5. I just subscribed to your channel. You've got skills girl! Every recipe had my mouth watering and definitely going to try some of your recipes. Please keep them coming. Happy Holidays and GOD Bless…

  6. I have a killer good, slap your mama, glazed ham, corn bread dressing, giblet gravy, mustard potato salad, butter milk pie, sweet potato pie, southern style collard greens, sweet corn bread muffins, and fried corn. I like your recipes, so I am adding some new ideas. Thank you

  7. These two sisters at my church make this cake.. one makes it, where it turns out good and dry, (overmixes hers), and the other is perfect! I think I will stick to letting them do this cake. Lol. It is nice to see how they make it though.

  8. Rosie your cake looks delicious and boy does it take me back! I'm a southern girl and my grandmother made the best caramel cakes! She would cut her cake layers and have a four layer cake. We had it every Thanksgiving. I love your channel and thank you!

  9. Wow, for people taking offence because the cake is not made from scratch need to get a life and stop being so negative. If you want one made from scratch, google it! Plus, she already said it will taste homemade so as long as it taste good, why does it matter?

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