Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe


This video will show you how to make perfect, basic southern, soul food deviled eggs! It will first show you how to boil the eggs perfectly so that you will have those fluffy yellow yolks and easy to peel eggs.

This recipe is simple, basic but full of flavor! It can easily be customized and adjusted to suit your taste!


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  1. Assuming you used sweet pickle relish, that's basically the same way they've always been made in our family, but we use Best Foods/Hellmann's mayonnaise, Colman's dry mustard and no Old Bay. Some people add a bit of finely chopped curly parsley.

    Too much fuss boiling the eggs. We just put them in cold water, bring them to a boil, lower the heat to medium and let them boil for 15 minutes. If they're fresh, no shell breakage. If making potato salad, they're simply boiled in the same pot as the spuds and removed after 15 minutes. Peeled in a bowl of ice water, rinsed and refrigerated until cold.

  2. I absolutely love this recipe! I love the video, however, I fell completely in-love with the music! Please tell me what song/music this is! So soothing, calming, and utterly relaxing for cooking in the kitchen! Thank You So Much!

  3. Hi just seeing this, and I love your recipe. I dont usually put relish in mine but it was good. I also wanted to experiment and added tuna to my yolk mixture and it was fabulous. Thanks for all of the tips.

  4. Your eggs came out lovely, but I wish you would've put a disclaimer not to cut them in your hand! The eggs can be very slippery, and you could cut yourself very badly!

  5. at easter i went to my my friend's grandma's house with her and her cousins which have been my friend for a long time 😀 and so they had these and so my friends cousin got one that was blue xD

  6. Vinegar softens the shell, it is a chemical reaction between the calcium in the shell and the acidity of the vinegar. The salt helps with fluid transfer through the more porous shell.

  7. @AtheistExile Because the shell is not that impermeable, it is the the film just inside the shell that is. Heating the egg will denature the proteins in the film so that it will not keep it's proper functionality and liquids will be able to penetrate better. It would also be the acidity that would react with the denatured proteins in the inner film and cause it to stick to the shell and separate from the albumin of the egg white which is more + charged than the now – charged film.

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