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Easy recipe and cooking tutorial on how to cook southern deep fried okra. This recipe is easy to follow and is probably the best fried okra you will ever make or eat. All you need is some dipping sauce, and you are good to go!
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  1. Very nice, Thank You.
    here's a meal of mom's i loved.
    Black eyed pea with snaps and green of course mustard or collard with a little onion and bacon, Some nice fried chicken or catfish or both. don't forget some baking powder biscuits with butter and sorghum syrup, sweet iced tea and home made ice cream.

  2. Do you have a recipe for a Butter Roll? My granny use to make butter rolls for me when I was a little girl. I remember it was so good. If you know could you do a Video on that please?

  3. Hi Rosie!!! Do you have a recipe for Hop Maw? I love them but my cousins recipe has been the only recipe ive eaten. Ive never had a recipe to try myself


  4. I think I added too much buttermilk? It was blobs of breading, almost like a pancake, with bare Okra throughout. Yet somehow it was still delicious!!! Thx.

  5. When I was a small child, my favorite snack was cold (leftover) fried okra.   I liked it better than popcorn!  After watching your video, now I'm craving it, and will use your recipe to make me some.   Thank you!  

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