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Easy recipe and cooking tutorial on how to bake a southern hummingbird cake. Print the recipe here

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Hey there, I’m Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I love cooking, baking, and sharing my recipes. I’m a firm believer that cooking shouldn’t be a chore, IT SHOULD BE FUN!!! Therefore, I’m here to share my fun, and easy recipes for everything including soul food favorites, old fashioned southern cuisine, restaurant copy cat recipes, and your favorite comfort foods. Feel free to browse through my recipe collection and also come visit at to print out the recipes for FREE!


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  1. OMG….Thank you so…very much for sharing such wonderful tasting recipes! I too am glad that I happened upon your channel. The Southern Hummingbird Cake was a "Grand" hit at Thanksgiving! I'm the provider of all desserts at all gatherings, be it for holiday or just for fun….therefore I'm always in search of new "Delish" recipes. Again, thanks!

  2. Rosie, I am so glad I found your channel, you are making my Christmas dinner come together girl!!!  Your tea cakes, candied yams and peach cobbler will be present on my table! Trying this Hummingbird cake tonight but I;m feeling like it's going to be present as well!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I luv your recipe. I lost the one I had, so I'll follow yours from now on. Just finished baking a carrot cake for my brother. I think I will bake the hummingbird cake for Christmas.

  4. Hello Rosie, love your channel.  I will be making this dessert for the very first time for Thanksgiving per my husbands request.  My question is can I use butter flavored shortening?  Does that matter?  Thank you for your reply

  5. Hi Rosie.  Can you use oil instead of shortening?  Will it change the batter if oil is used?  By the way, you did a great job at frosting the cake.  It looks delicious!

  6. Hey Rosie, Hummingbird cake and Cheesecake are my favorites. Your recipe closely resembles my mother's recipe. I'm from Baton Rouge and also do a little cooking on YT. Check out my Hummingbird cake recipe and give it a try sometime. Thanks for sharing your recipe on this long lost classic cake recipe!!!

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