Southern Summer Squash and Onions – Side Dish Recipe


Southern Summer Squash and Onions one of my favorites and a classic side dish! Tender sweet squash and sweet Vidalia onions slow cooked in butter to tender perfection! Simple, easy and delicious!


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  1. I fry 2-4 slices of bacon first, cooking the onions and squash in the leftover grease. When that is done I crumble the bacon and add it on top of the vegetables before serving. Adds great flavor and texture to the dish.

  2. do you know that this combination cooked this way began in Sturbridge Village Massachusetts with the pilgrims? I'm so sorry but I lost the information again is it at Google Plus?

  3. This video is perfect !!I like how simple this is. I had some squash and wasn't sure what to do with it and tried this recipe right after watching the video and it was delicious!! Thanks so much for sharing !!

  4. Thanks for the recipe Larry. It's not something I've ever seen over here in Holland, but I'll give it a go!! Take care and i hope you get what you need as you sure deserve it. all the best, Remco

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