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In this video, I’ll show you how to make the best spicy deep fried catfish. Fried catfish is a popular southern recipe, and is popular in soul food households. I use catfish nuggets in this video, but you can use catfish fillets as well.
Ingredients: catfish, self rising flour, yellow cornmeal, cajun seasoning, oil, eggs, hot sauce
Tools: Deep fryer, mixing bowl, whisk, spatula,

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  1. I'm guilty I don't subscribe but your my go-to girl on YouTube everything you make is close enough to how my family makes stuff so I can use your videos and actually get measurements. Also my mom got me one of those enamel Dutch ovens you fried your fish in. Do you cook with medium heat like recommended or do you turn it up? Don't want to ruin my new $150 pot!

  2. Tonight i made this fish,,,,,,,,,i can slap you lady,It was so darn good ,i been scared to cook fish, [so good mama]buying some more fish saturday,,,,,,,get ready,

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