Spinach Cheese Bites Recipe, Appetizer Recipe (Indian snacks)


Learn how to make spinach and cheese bites, Indian style. These make an excellent appetizer or snacks for get togethers as well as something to enjoy with cup of tea or coffee.
For pastry:
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp ajwain
1/4 tsp baking pwd
3 tbsp veg. oil
1/4 cup water

For stuffing:
1 bunch chopped spinach
1 onion
3-4 garlic cloves
Salt and spices of your choice
(we used garam masala, red chilli pwd and mango pwd)
Optional: peas
1/2 cup grated cheese (Mozzarella)
Oil for cooking

1. Add 2 tbsp oil in wok and fry onions and garlic.
2. Add spinach and cook.
3. Add spices and mix well.
4. Let cool down and then add grated cheese.
5. Prepare dough by mixing all pastry ingredients.
6. Let dough stand for 30 mins.
7. Roll out the dough. Flatten it out with rolling pin. Cut in small pieces.
8. Fill with the stuffing.
9. Bake at 400 F for 10-12 mins.
10. Serve with your fav chutney.

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