Texas Style Brisket | Smoked Brisket Recipe with Red Butcher Paper on Ole Hickory Pits Smoker


Texas Style BBQ Brisket | Smoked Brisket Recipe with Red Butcher Paper

For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: http://howtobbqright.com/

For more how-to recipes visit: http://howtobbqright.com/

Today I’m cooking a whole packer brisket on some smoke! For this Texas Style Brisket cook I’m starting with a full packer brisket. That means it has the flat and point still connected.

You’ll want to trim any thick fat down to ¼” and also remove the thick deckle fat that connects the brisket flat and point. This fat won’t render during cooking and it helps the brisket lay flat which helps with uniform cooking.

This is a Texas Style Brisket, which means a simple mix of Kosher Salt and Corse Black Pepper is all you need. I mix ¼ cup of salt and ¼ cup of pepper together in a shaker and coat the entire outside of the Texas Style Brisket with a good dose. Let the Texas Style Brisket rest on the counter while the pit comes up to temperature.

For Texas Style Brisket you can expect a long cook time, so be prepared to maintain an even temperature for several hours. I’m using my Ole Hickory MM running at 250⁰ for this Texas Style Brisket cook but any cooker can be set up to cook indirect.

Just make sure you use a good probe thermometer (I use the Thermoworks ThermaQ dual probe thermometer – you can check it out here: http://goo.gl/WduJeh ) to monitor grate temperature throughout the cook.

Once the smoker is stabilized, place the Texas Style Brisket fat up on the cooking grate and close the lid. Traditionally Texas style brisket is cooked with post oak but I don’t have any, so I’m going with the next best option and that’s Pecan.

After 5 hours, the outside of the Texas Style Brisket will start to turn dark. This is exactly what you want to happen, and it’s time to wrap at this stage.

Tear off 2 big strips of butcher paper and lay them cross ways on the table. Place the Texas Style Brisket in the middle and wrap with the first layer of paper flipping the brisket. Flip the brisket upright and it’s ready to go back on the pit. It should be laying fat side up the entire time on the pit.

Monitoring the internal temperature of the Texas Style Brisket is important now, so stick a probe into the thickest area of the flat right through the paper. Be sure not to go too deep; it should rest right in the middle of the flat. Set the alarm for 200⁰ and get ready to wait another 3-4 hours.

Once the alarm sounds at 200⁰ the Texas Style Brisket is ready to come off the pit. For brisket you should feel almost no resistance when you stick it with a probe.

Place the Texas Style Brisket in a dry cooler and close the lid. It needs to rest for at least 2 hours before slicing but as much as 6 hours won’t hurt.

For serving Texas Style Brisket separate the point and flat. Cut the flat into ¼” slices and split the point right down the middle against the grain. Cut it into slices and cube the outer edges for burnt ends. Texas Style brisket is one of my favorites and you can’t beat the simple flavors it has when done right!

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  2. Hey Malcom, do you see an advantage in the ThermaQ over the Smoke?  The Smoke has the wireless radio controller & is a hundred dollars cheaper. Is the ThermaQ higher quality?

  3. Thanks for all your videos. I'm new to smoking and have followed a couple of your recipes and have had great results. I'll be using this one tomorrow when i throw a brisket on my traeger jr. Jealous of all your different smokers, i'm already ready for a bigger one and thinking about a yoder

  4. I made an Ugly Drum Smoker out of a 55 gallon drum too, which fits the Weber 22" lid on it perfectly. I'm wondering what the internal workings, of the drum, have to look like to perfect this process.

  5. Looks great. Thanks man. Do you find it easier to get that buttery flavor when you cook a brisket whole? I've only cooked points or flats separately and mine's never been quite right.

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