The BEST gluten free cookies ever! Homemade recipe with Ariyele! – CookingWithAlia – Episode 232


You can not eat gluten? You can not eat grain? No worries, Ariyele is showing us how to make the BEST gluten free cookies ever! Super easy recipe that for sure will make you smile!

Written recipe:

Note: Check Ariyele’s website on where to find them:
2 cups almond flour
2 Tbsp + 1tsp coconut flour
1/4 cup grass-fed butter, room temperature (even softer if you’re hand mixing)
2 Tbsp almond butter (if unavailable, substitute with honey)
1 jumbo egg (or 2 small eggs), room temperature
1/3 cup coconut sugar (or brown sugar)
1 tbsp honey
2 Tbsp vanilla extract
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup dark chocolate chips (recipe used a mix of chunky and regular)
1 tsp large sea salt crystals (garnish at the end if desired)


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  1. ,,why is it so wonderful that these cookies don't have any grains? is there something poisonous about grains? seems like a cool recipe. But it's too bad I can't make it since I can't get grass Fed butter.

  2. haha cute video. ive been looking to make my banana pancakes healthier so i need to use better cookies besides the crap sold in the store. nothing tastes better than home made. hopefully ill get to try this. thanks 😀 the recepie is a working progress :D

  3. Looks good. Alía, stop snapping things off people's hands. I know your culture does that but that is still rude regardless. I know your people did not even notice but westerners do. She is your guest and you need to let her do things and if you want to try pressing the cookies, ask to use the parching paper, don't snatch it off her hand. When she was presenting the cookie as a gift idea you once again snatched the cookie off her hand as if you were a better hand model. Work on trying to not always take over and be the star. It's your show anyways.

  4. I have a coeliac son ,so I am always looking for new things to make for him, I love your recipes to make and they are not to complicated so thank you very much they are all delicious..!♥

  5. u don't need exact measurements people,  just look up the proportions of dry ingrdients and wet ingreds in other standard chocochip recipes and substitute. Simple mathematics. From the ingreds, I know these cookies will be delicious,..hopefully chewy cookies…i gotta try this!!!!!!

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  7. i am gluten sensitive and my moms sister has cilliac disease so this helps a lot i have been gluten free for almost a year and this helps me and my mom a LOT!!!!!

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  10. Please avoid almond flour and almond butter.  I will have to fix this recipe so it doesn't make me ill.  Gluten isn't my only problem and nuts are a common problem for people.  Whole gf cookbooks are written based on almond flour, which is terrible because people give my these cookbooks.  Also, you haters, some of us get extremely sick from gluten and we don't care if you are annoyed that there are foods just for us.  Some day you may discover you aren't as healthy as you thought and you will WISH you could get healthy by just changing your diet.  

  11. I'm so tired of this Gluten Free B.S.! If you looked at every single food we eat out there in the world, there will always be something you can find wrong with it! Until we make it to heaven, nothing will be perfect in this world! It's more about playing the balancing act rather than trying to remove it from our diet permanently! It's all about the balancing act!

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