The world’s best ever Trio de mare seafood recipe for dinner | seafood recipe


Jack prepares this great seafood recipe by poaching three fillets of flounder stuffed with seafood. One with shrimp, one with salmon and one with lobster meat. This is one of the best recipes ever for fish. For more great seafood recipes, fish recipes, and Italian recipes visit our playlists.
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  1. That look's great…..I'm a commercial fisherman in Alaska, have been for 30 years, I've been cooking for the boys for the last 12 only because no one would do it, and because I had a little knowledge. I love your videos and have tried to duplicate them with great results, thanks to you. This dish I will defiantly try,……. thanks again peace!

  2. That looks like some delicious dish. I've watched almost all of your videos.
    Very entertaining & still sharpening my cooking skills by watching the master Daddy Jack.

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