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Hello GialloZafferano visitors, and welcome to our kitchen. I’m Sonia and today we’ll be preparing a dessert with a very recognizable flavour that’s been the pride of many Italians living abroad: Tiramisu.
Let’s take a look at the ingredients we’ll be using:
• 400g/15oz of lady finger biscuits
• Six eggs
• A cup of espresso sweetened to your liking
• 120g/10 tbsp of sugar
• 500g/2 1/3 cups of mascarpone cheese
• Unsweetened cocoa powder for sprinkling between layers
Let’s take a look at how to make it:
We’ll begin by preparing the custard. First separate six eggs and put the yolks in a large glass bowl. Now, add half of the sugar. Beat it all together well until the sugar is completely dissolved into the yolks. Now it’s time to add the mascarpone cheese.
Here’s the mixture of the yolks and mascarpone. In this bowl, I’ve vigorously beaten the whites of the six eggs along with the rest of the sugar until they’ve increases in size and formed stiff peaks. Now I’ll fold them gently into the mascarpone mixture. Fold them together very delicately just until the mixture comes together.
Now, in a deep pan or casserole dish we’ll put together our Tiramisu. Begin by soaking the lady fingers in the espresso and lining them up to form a layer in the dish. Of course, you can soak the biscuits more or less depending on how you like your Tiramisu. The espresso can be sweetened according to how you like it as well. There — the first layer is finished. Now we’ll cover it generously with the custard. Look at how thick it is — beating the egg whites and sugar to those really stiff peaks is essential for getting this density. Now that the custard’s well spread, we’re ready to sprinkle it all over with the cocoa powder. We’re ready for the second layer. As you continue, be sure that if you’ve layered the lady fingers horizontally in the previous layer, to go vertically in the next.
We’ve finished preparing the tiramisu with a layer of custard and a good sprinkling of cocoa powder. Now, it has to rest in the refrigerator for about two to three hours. This way, the layers can settle together and serving each portion will be much easier.
From Sonia and GialloZafferano — Bye, and we’ll see you next time!


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  1. Can someone please tell me something about "Agnello al forno con patate alla leccese", and the recipe for that dish? I need to do a research about it but I can't find anything :/

  2. I learned to make Tiramisu from my Sicilian grandfather who actually never ate it because it's not Sicilian. I make it at least every other week. My recipe is quite different from this one but regardless of which recipe you use the end result is delicious.

  3. make sure the bowl you are beating the cream in is cold . A cold bowl will help beat cream to stiff peaks. I put the bowl in the freezer for an hour or so.

  4. Hallo! Pls answer: on video when cream mascaprone with eggs ready we saw that spend 5 hours, the mixture was left for 5 hours in a refrigerator? i can't understand this moment

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