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Finding it hard to get dinner on the table with school in full swing? These easy dinner recipes have you covered.

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With the hectic back-to-school season behind us you’re probably (hopefully!) in a groove with school lunch. But what about dinner?! I find that I get so wrapped up in preparing to pack lunches and getting my healthy snack game on that I forget—completely—about how hard it is to get healthy dinners on the table come fall.

These are my top 5 busy weeknight dinner recipes that save me. One is a hearty salad, the parts of which you can make ahead of time. The other is the easiest vegetarian recipe in my repertoire—it’s unexpectedly delicious. The third is a kid favorite and a recipe that can be easily stored in the freezer for a hail mary on the day that kicks your butt. The fourth is a super versatile approach to using made-ahead or leftover rice and grains. And the last is the easiest, fastest, cheesiest pasta that won’t break your calorie bank. Really.

Add these dinners to your weekly rotation: I promise you’ll be happy you did.

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  1. ive been struggling and getting off late as well as my girlfriend both striving for our first management positions in different fields. nevertheless we have been making frozen dinners and this is terrible for our health (presuming the ingredients of the products are containing some sort of preserveatives and msgs of which they probably do i do acknowledge) nevertheless id like to change this. thanks for the vid

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