Tuna Steaks with Grilled Shrimp Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Like fresh grilled fish? Be sure to try this BBQ Tuna, smothered in Smoked Red Pepper sauce recipe at your next barbecue. Top it off with some Jumbo Shrimp with butter soy sauce on bamboo skewers and you’ll have yourself one mighty fine barbecue!!

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at http://www.BBQPitBoys.com


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  1. @BarbecueWeb hi dude,, my name is mahendra.. im your big fans from indonesia.. dude,, can i open the restaurant with the name of BBQPitBoys Indonesia someday? all the recipes would be equate with the instructions of BarbecueWeb. does not matter if you are not allowed me to use the name of BBQPitBoys,,


    your big fans

  2. just so you guys know. you should generally buy grade-A tuna or fresh tuna if you want to cook it for less time. like the guy in the video said, if you don't know where the tuna is from its probably best to cook the heck out of it

  3. Hey , I watched couple of your videos and noticed You don't use much salt and pepper -just some on that chicken with beer 🙂
    Did I miss something?
    Greetings form Bosnia & Herzegovina 🙂 

  4. gotta love that barbeque.. i bbq 5 times a week…. mostly with the gas grill , but still bbq. with some wood chunks for smoke. got to be carefull with sea food.. only dare eating it rare if you are SURE it is local and fresh.. most is caught, frozen and shipped and can be up to two weeks old by the time it hits your plate..I am spoiled , I live 20 minutes from the coast, but most Americans do not… That smelllllsss Guuudd… love you guys..

  5. Are you kidding me? American spice?! Provence Lane does not have his own spice, come on! Sorry, that's absurd.
    ''Herbes de Provence, or Provençal herbs, is a traditional blend of aromatic herbs that flourish in hills of southern France during the hot summer months.'' Google it. :)

  6. Hey Fable59, you mean to tell me that everything i whip up in my kitchen is plagiarized. I'm pretty sure what I've cooked has been done before. Relax let the BBQ chef do his thing. HEY if I wield the silver spoon i made IT.

  7. you're right on, MrPloppy1 ….rare is best but then of course you need to ask, do you know where the Tuna came from? -do you trust your fish monger? Eating raw fish is not risk free i.e. parasitic worms known as tapeworms, round worms, and flukes, and also transmit infections caused by bacteria and viruses, such as hepatitis.

    Catch it yourself, or know where the fish came from and how long ago, is our standard for raw fish BBQ.

  8. Yaaaay, seafood time! I like that wooden wheel and the axe in the background :), fits nice to the music, your accent and all, hehe. Cheers again.
    PS: And don't do an outing on yourself, keep the pirate status ;).
    @Ratfus1 – I imagine that would be a nice party!

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