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This Veggie Burger Recipe will show you how to make your own veggie burgers. Homemade veggie burgers are healthy and cheap!
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  1. contd…but if my parents ask we'll have to say we met at church.. meeting a strange lady from the internet doesn't bode well in the traditional Irish homestead..

  2. You always crack me up, You have some awsome recipies. Maybe use liquid smoke? I always do for my burgers and calico beans, It's the perfect cookout add in. I am slowly learning veg cooking….my doctor told me too…blah!!! Thank you for sharing. I still want to make your indian tacos, they are so delish.

  3. My kitchen is almost completely empty, with the exception of every ingredient needed for this recipe. That never happens! My oatmeal has apples chunks in it; I think it'll add some much needed sweetness to the burger.

  4. Hilah, I noticed that you use cast iron cookware almost exclusively. Is this a philisophical decision? What is it about cast iron that makes it preferable to you? Love your show.

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