Zero Calorie Pasta??!! Taste Review of Shirataki Noodles And Recipe


Spaghetti bake recipe: I used

2 7oz bags of shirataki noodles
4 cloves of garlic
4oz of lean ground turkey
1 cup of diced zuchini
1 cup of diced mushrooms
1 1/4 cup of spaghetti sauce
1 cup of fat free mozzarella cheese
a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


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  1. I had mine with canned spaghetti sauce, parm cheese after sauteeing in coconut oil and garlic. Tasted like a cross between pasta and mushrooms/eggplant, about that texture. A good, filling diet food. These reviews almost scared me out of eating it.

  2. Dont fry with extra Virgin olive oil. It burns/smokes too easily  and turn carcinogenic. It doesnt stand much heat. The heavily processed olive oil stand higher heat but be careful. And if you take that shirt off and rinse it straight away then it wont stain.

  3. I've seen other reviews where they rinse the noodles then "almost" fry them in a pan to dry them out —I tried this and it works well to get that jell feel and taste out of the noodle…and remember fat does not make you fat! carbs do

  4. Fat is not bad for you! In fact fat is the best food to eat… when you eat fat your body learns to burn fat; when you eat carbs and sugar your body converts carbs and sugar into fat… you don't need to eat fat to get fat… that is a myth. In fact, if all you ate was fat, it would be impossible for you to get fat. Please wake people up to this simple fact. All calories are not equal, you can't just count them… fat calories take a lot of energy to process, and last a long time; sugar calories don't take any energy to process so your body stores the excess in… guess what… fat…

  5. Yuk Yuk nasty ew eeewww! , I had to spit the noodle jelly elastic strands out, it was that bad. I can't even describe the smell when you 1st open the bag…fishy , dead snail, cow dung?? I took all the noodles out and ate the turkey sauce plain like a bowl of Chili. Chewy chewy like weird flavorless gummy bear elastic bands yet Slippery like seaweed. It's really indescribable. I say why bother, it is tasteless and the texture is just so unlike real spaghetti, that I have to wonder if you ever had real spaghetti before? I'd much rather have the sauce over spaghetti squash, it isn't any more like real spaghetti than this but at least it's like slippery boiled elastic bands in sauce . I not sure the word slippery should ever have to be used to describe food, except maybe Okra and they remind me of eating snots. I guess I'm a texture person and think there has to be a better alternative to this. Zucchini or anything but these horrible "noodles". Great video though!

  6. Thanks for the great recipe, I have wanted to try these noodles. I am following along with your video as I make it. Thanks for sharing your recipe for low fat foods. I hope it helps me to lose a few pounds as well as get my "Italian pasta" fix. It's great that you do this, it really helps.

  7. LAKid, this is "soluble fiber. Carrots are insoluble. This fiber, supposedly collects stuff as the food with this konjac passes through the colon. This is very interesting science and it is not GMO. Enjoy! People enjoy regular unconstipated bowel movements.

  8. I tried these noodles,had a very strong smell to them out of the package, but once you rinse them out, they lose their scent. I noticed they are very rubbery as well. I tried boiling them for a good 10 minutes, they just wouldn't soften up at all. I decided that's the best I could do, tossed it with some Alfredo sauce. They have no taste to them, but I couldn't get over the rubbery texture to it. It honestly felt like i was eating shredded rubber, I had to throw it out. So much for keto pasta…

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  12. Now why didn't I know about these things before? My daughter called raving about them – we are both on a lo-carb diet and we both miss pasta like nobody's business. Wow, back in biz baby! 27 pounds down in 12 weeks!

  13. u could also just, i dont know, cut it with a knife…u dont need fancy tools for everything lol. cut them thin strips, saute, then put on the plate. easy.

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