Zucchini Spaghetti


A cooking video that shows 3 different ways to use zucchini (Zoodles) as pasta. While the pan is non-stick, it is NOT TEFLON, and is rated to use ALL cooking utensils including metal! Just a FYI. Find this recipe and more at www.LindySez.com.


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  1. Great video and super recipe. Only critique…get a microphone CLOSER to you as you're describing the steps. It's sounds like you're a mile away in a tunnel below a mountain. 🙂

    Trying the recipe tonite. Thanks!!!

  2. Love the video, and how you explain everything. I sautéed my zucchini noodles just as you did, and when I added my spaghetti sauce it got really runny. Should I let the zucchini noodles sit on a paper towel, and let the spaghetti sauce cool down a bit before I put it together? Thank you again for this video

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I want to start eating healthier so I really want to try this. I love how you alternate methods and seasonings for the one dish. Take care and thanks again

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